The Most Terrifying Fictional Evil Species

Believe it or not, it is hard to think up something to blog every day for a month. A lot of the times, the kinds of posts I like to write involve research and time. So, this is me officially saying if there’s anything you’d like to see me blog about let me know. So inspiration for today’s post about terrifying fictional evil species taken from the writing prompts Tumblr for today.

From the writing prompts Tumblr: What is the most terrifying fictional evil species?

From the writing prompts Tumblr:

There are a lot of evil fictional species out there. And they are all terrifying for different reasons. I think they all fall into a couple of different categories, personally.

There’s the evil species that are evil, but also comical. Think like the daleksĀ from Doctor Who (actually a lot of Doctor Who villains are pretty cheesy, but don’t you dare try and tell me that Doctor Who is not awesome šŸ˜‰ ) . They are clearly evil and they have a lot of hate in them. But at the same time, with their “Exterminate!” and other cheesy elements to them, they are also easy to laugh at. Laughter can really take the sting out of things that are evil or terrible. Like Boggarts – the best way to fight your fears sometimes is to laugh in the face of them.

Then there are Ā villains that fall into the category of once humans but something happened to them that changed them. Walkers from the Walking Dead, werewolves and vampires from like every thing ever involving werewolves and vampires, reavers from Firefly. I think a lot of these villains speak to our fears about the world and the evil lurking inside us. All around, we can look in the world and see examples of people being terrible to other people. Of acts that are evil. Of acts that shatter a small part of your soul. I think, and I am probably not alone in this, that we would like to think that we could never do such things. That the reason a person does such things is that there is something wrong with them. And that these speak to that desire within us that there would be some virus or chemical or other factors behind these terrible things.

And while don’t get me wrong – a lot of those are really terrible (would you want to be face to face with a Reaver? NO), I think the most terrifying to me would be the dementors from Harry Potter.

Dementors really are the living embodiment of depression. They make you feel like you will never be happy again. That this sadness inside of you is insurmountable. The times in my life when I have been depressed, have been dark like that. They make you feel like “What’s the point? Why even bother trying?” I think it’s no accident that dementors, in the end, will steal your soul, because depression feels that powerful. I know that J. K. Rowling has had struggles in her life too and I think it was out of those struggles that this kind of creation was born. So to me, the living embodiment of depression is the scariest.

What fictional evil species is the scariest to you?Ā 

P.S. Grievers are also really freaky but I didn’t know what category to put them in. They deserve an honorable mention because seriously. That’s man made disasters for you, right there.

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