2016 in Review

Wow, so many things happened in 2016. It feels, at this point, as if it has gone on for a very long time. I mean, at the very beginning of 2016 last year, we were in Canada and that seems like such a long time ago. So much happened in just one short year, but then again, I suppose a lot happens every year.

But this year we went to Canada and the Dominican Republic, the boys turned 2 and 4, Nick started a new job – it’s been a whirlwind of a year. And while the year is not quite over yet, as long as I’m blogging every day this month, I may as well blog about 2016, as told in a picture for every month of the year. Obviously, this is an incomplete way to tell things, but I think it will be fun anyways.


Sledding in January 2016

We opened the New Year in Canada. Dominic went sledding for the first time and as you can see, I went sledding too! Not for the first time, but I hadn’t for a long time.


Dominican Republic

We traveled to the Dominican Republic with Nick’s family, exploring this country that was new to all four of us.


Markus Zusak

I got to meet Markus Zusak, the author of my favorite book (The Book Thief). And Nick turned 26.


Me on the high ropes course at the Kalahari

Nick and I went on our first ever overnight getaway (no, giving birth to Allen does not count as a getaway). I was a wreck, but the kids had lots of fun with grandma and grandpa and Nick and I really needed that.


Dominic at the zoo

Dominic turned 4 and we celebrated with a party and a trip to the zoo.


Butterfly release

We released the butterflies we grew! It was great, we will definitely grow butterflies again. (More pictures over here).


Allen's first haircut

Allen got his first haircut!


Dominic wants to be a daddy when he grows up

I turned 26 and we have our official first day of preschool (even though we school year round). Dominic wants to be daddy when he grows up.



Nick’s family visited and we did basically all of summer in a week, including my first Renessiance Faire.


Selfie with Allen and Dominic

Allen turned 2! We went on a lot of field trips and took the boys to Shedd Aquarium for Allen’s birthday.


Allen touching pinecones

Of course, for November, you know that I have been doing NaBloPoMo! We have continued to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather with field trips and walks. I went on an overnight women’s retreat with my church.

I guess we will have to wait and see what December brings. These are only some of the highlights of 2016 – it was certainly a year that we made a lot of memories.

What are some of the things that you did in 2016? 

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