Defining Myself in Just 200 Words

Me in the Dominican Republic, defining myself

I am a Christian. My faith in God has not always been consistent, but He has always lavished His love on me.

I am a relational person. I am a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend – and I thrive on these relationships. I know that I don’t want to do life alone, but that the people in my life are important to me.

Pursuit of knowledge and learning drives me. Learning new things excites and invigorates me. I want to spend the rest of my life learning and trying new things. And I am a writer.

I hope that I am kind and compassionate. Saying that I am these things feels too immodest, but I hope that other people will have seen these things in me. I have a heart that wants to help those who are suffering.

I am imperfect. I am writing this part because it’s the part I struggle to remember, it’s the part that I wish I could erase, but that doesn’t make it any less me. I am a perfectionist who needs to remember this.

I am the same but different every day.

I do things in my own way.




I was trying to figure out what to blog about today and so I googled non-fiction writing prompts. I came upon one that said define yourself in less than 200 words. That intrigued me, so defining myself is what I attempted to do and I managed to stick it on the dot at 200 even. Obviously, there is a lot more I could say, but I tried to hit the things that are important to me today. If I wrote this ten years from now or ten years ago, I am sure this list would look different. But that’s the neat part isn’t it? We aren’t the same today as we are tomorrow and I’m glad for that chance to always keep growing.



What would you say about yourself if you had to define yourself in 200 words or less? 

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