I’ve been thinking about traditions a lot lately. It seems that everywhere you turn on Pinterest and the internet, there are a million ideas for traditions that you should be doing. We were just talking about this at the retreat last weekend.

And I dunno, I am just not very big into them. The idea of having to do something the same way every year fills me with dread a little bit. This is not to say that I don’t have any – I love our advent book calendar for example, and that is certainly a tradition. Just that I feel like they are something I should  be doing, but in reality, I have very little desire to make the holidays something elaborate. Which is strange, given how many things I do want to make elaborate and special.

But I realized, I do do them in my own way. And that lots of the traditions that I remember from my childhood are not tied to any specific holiday. Like family camping in the summer. Seeing all the Harry Potter movies with my dad. Stuff like that. These are the traditions that matter to me.

Dad and Me Harry Potter movie traditions

My dad and I last night seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

I wonder what traditions will matter to my kids. Traditions that I’m creating now that I don’t even realize that I’m building. Things that we always do a certain way that I don’t even think about, but that my kids will remember.

I hope they look back on this time with fondness, even though I may not be a Pinterest-Perfect mom. As a lovely speaker at our retreat said, stop shoulding on yourself. Our holiday is not any less special just because we don’t have a lot of traditions. And I don’t need to do them to have a wonderful time.

How do you feel about traditions? Love them or leave them? 

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