My 5 Favorite Harry Potter Parodies

Parodies are a seriously underappreciated art form. Satire too. Me, though? I love parodies and satire. Done well, they are extremely brilliant art forms. And so, of course, I love Harry Potter parodies. That’s like the best of both worlds. So here, in no particular order, are my current 5 favorite Harry Potter parodies. Sometimes, parodies are so good that even if you don’t like the original song, the parody is just genius. And you can tell that the people who create parodies put a lot of work into them and usually that they really know their stuff.

Dancing death eaters are fun. Don’t believe me, just watch 😉

I always give extra props to ones that mention all four houses. Or, let’s be real, that mention my house. Ravenclaw pride, ya’ll


This one gets stuck in my head all the time.

Slytherin is not my favorite house, but this one is catchy. The creators of this video were supposed to make a Ravenclaw one too, but due to a dispute between the creators, that never happened. Which is sad, but at least this one is awesome.

This one isn’t a huge production like the other ones, but I find it really delightful anyways.

It was so hard to pick because there are honestly so many Harry Potter fan videos on youtube. Seriously. It’s like a treasure trove of awesome. But, these are some of my top ones and I hope you enjoyed them.

What are your favorite parodies, Harry Potter or otherwise? I am always down for a good parody! 

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