When Two Nerds Take a Road Trip

When two nerds take a road trip, they will spend copious amounts of time talking about Harry Potter. Read: almost the entire time.

When two nerds take a road trip, they will listen to Dark Lord Funk, instead of like normal people music.

When two nerds take a road trip, it will be a blast!

My sister and I are on a road trip right now, to see my family in St. Louis. Six hours – the longest the kids have ever been in the car – and they did great! (No, I don’t have magic and I really didn’t do anything special – they have always been great in the car). Sleep has been rough, but we are making it through it and I feel blessed to get to spend this time with family that I don’t normally get to see. Yes, we really did mostly talk about Harry Potter on the trip up here. It was like 95 percent Harry Potter talk and 5 percent other talk. My aunt asked if we thought we could do six hours about Harry Potter on the way back too. Our answer was “No doubt.” Lol. Maybe we will branch out and talk about some of our other shared fandoms, like the Hunger Games or Divergent series. But mostly, we spend a lot of time doing Harry Potter role play together and so, that it something we talk about a lot. If only you could see our text messages. Lol. This has been a good way for us to reconnect. I <3 her.

It’s been fun. I am thankful. Even though not every moment has been fun, the boys slept terribly last night. I’m hoping they sleep better tonight, though I can still hear Allen talking to himself. But, hey, at least it’s not crying. Silver lining. Silver lining.

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