Top 5 Harry Potter Creatures That Would Make Terrible Pets

You know, sometimes blogging every day is easy. I have a genius idea and I’m like yes! I know exactly what to write about. Then there are other days I’m just like searching for ideas. But I’m so, so close that I can’t give up now. So, inspired by my road trip with my sister, here are the worst Harry Potter creatures to make pets. In no particular order. May contain spoilers if you have never read Harry Potter. Lol.

You do not want this as a pet!


The Lethifold will smother you to death and leave no trace of your body. I think that would make a pretty terrible pet if you ask me. You would die and nobody would even know what happened to you.

Mackled Malaclaw

If a Mackled Malaclaw bites you, you have bad luck for up to a week. Do you really want to risk being bitten by your pet and then having bad luck? Plus, they are lobster-esque and lobsters look like giant sea bugs. Giant, tasty sea bugs, but you can’t even eat a Mackled Malaclaw or you’ll get a rash.


These, as well as merpeople and other creatures of human or more intelligence, would just be cruel to keep as a pet. Not to mention, most of them do not like associating with humans, preferring to keep to their own separate societies. They would rail against being kept captive and you and your pet would be miserable. Just don’t do it.


Unfortunately, our beloved Hagrid thought somehow an Acromantula would make a good pet. This is like a what??? moment! Because who in their right mind would think that these kinds of creatures are an acceptable pet. These are gigantic spiders – like we’re talking up to 15 feet long, so like 3 times my size. They’re poisonous and violent. I’m going to have to give this a hard pass, Hagrid.


Banshees look like creepy skeletal women, so that’s the first reason not to want one. But the second reason is that their screams will kill you. Basically, if it can kill you quite easily, it does not make a good pet. Just like in the human world, it’s why we have house cats as pets and not tigers.

So, I hope you enjoyed this. What Harry Potter creatures would you not want to have as pets? There are many more I could have listed. But these are the ones that freak me out the most! I mean, dementors are pretty freaky too, but I’m hoping that nobody even thinks they would be a good pet. Plus, I wanted to shed some light on some of the lesser known creepy crawlies (or floaties – in the case of the Lethifold).

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