101 in 1001: Do something awesome/epic with my sister

I know I have already blogged a bit about our road trip, but I’m blogging tonight to check it off my 101 in 1001. Which I actually thought I had more left to do on, but when I look at it, I actually have quite a few things I can cross off already, so I may take some of these final days of November to blog about those things.

So, my sister and I in the car decided that this road trip we took, from Milwaukee to St. Louis and then back, counts as our epic awesome thing. I mean, we jammed out to throwbacks from the 2000s, as well as Harry Potter parodies and Smelly Cat. We talked about Harry Potter and other awesome nerdly things. We ate at Steak and Shake for my first time (delicious). We bonded and we won’t ever forget this and who knows when the opportunity like this will come to do something like this again.

So, epic thing done! Time for me to hit the hay <3 Love you all.

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