101 in 1001: Visit Nick’s Family in Canada

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When I was looking at my 101 in 1001 last night to cross off doing something epic/awesome with my sister, I realized that I have a lot that I can cross off that I didn’t realize that I could cross off. So for today and tomorrow’s post, I’m going to blog about two things I can cross off, and then on the 30th I have a reflection post planned, and then I might take a break for a bit or who knows! I might keep going too. But I won’t feel the self-pressure to post every day and I have a post that I am working on that will take more time to coordinate. So, we’ll see how it goes. But anyways, today I am blogging about when we visited Nick’s family in Canada. This was almost a year ago now at this point – I can’t even believe it! It was right after Christmas. We have a lot of pictures, so I put together some collages.

This was a lot of firsts for the boys. Their first time on an airplane, first time out of the country, first time meeting some of Nick’s family. First time being stuck in an airport. Haha, that part wasn’t as fun!

But overall, the trip was a blast and it was so good to be able to spend all that time with Nick’s family and I’m glad that we made this a reality!

Sledding for the first time in Canada

This was also Dominic’s first time sledding. I even got in on the action too as you can see.

Canada trip. Playing with cats Canada trip, mostly airplane stuff

They did really great for the whole trip! Especially with our delay getting back home, they were real troopers. Even though we had the worst time getting back home and Allen ended up getting sick on our layover (on day two, after our first flight was cancelled) they were still such troopers. Canada trip, Calgary skyline Canada trip, random pictures

I hope these pictures give you a little flavor for our trip! Hopefully we’ll be able to go back sooner the next time.

Have you ever been to Canada? What was the last trip you took? 

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