Meet Our Newest Contributor: Jess!

As most of you know, this blog is really a Createspace and an intellectual outlet for me. That’s why I don’t blog on any sort of schedule – because sometimes it takes me longer than other times to finish posts (currently reading about Algeria for my Travel the World in Books challenge). Which is why when my good friend Jess approached me asking if she could contribute, I immediately said yes. Jess has been a good friend of mine since college and I won’t tell you too much about her because in a second, I’m going to turn the blog over to her (so to speak) but she is a new face you will be seeing around here. I’m thrilled to be opening this up to be a Createspace for her too. So, without further ado, please meet my friend Jess.

Hello! It is great to arrive in the blog-o-sphere! Melissa has graciously accepted my offer of contributing occasionally to her already-existing Createspace and I am so grateful to test out my hand (brain? typing?) at blogging.

First off…. you have to know that I have a unique sense of humor that often gets confused with seriousness — I guess they call that dry humor. I also enjoy neologism, of which you are going to experience quite a few of my own made up words for everything and anything. You can call them Jess-isms for now. So, as you read, you may find yourself rolling your eyes and trying to suppress a groan at my attempt to lighten your day!

Other than that I suppose you want some more biographical features of me:

  • Born and bred Wisconsonite – which yes, makes me an avid cheese-eater (subtract the wine, add the beer) and Green Bay Packers fan
  • Married for 4.5 years with two children under the age of 5
  • Bachelors in Communications and Associates in Arts

And you want to know if you have anything at all in common with me before you commit to reading ANY of my future posts .. HA!

  • Love historical fiction books and movies
  • Love to craft – paint, crochet, sew or just about anything that is putzy
  • Love to play & coach soccer
  • Love to try new things: food, places, activities

OK, enough about me – stay tuned for my first post on “Micro-Conservation”. Don’t even bother looking up what that is, it your first taste of a Jess-ism and you will learn my definition for it when you read my post!!


You can find all of Jess’ posts here

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