101 in 1001: Submit 30 Written Pieces for Publication – 3/30

Write, Edit, Submit

I have accepted the fact that I passed my 1001 days about a month ago. But, for me, the time frame is less important than actually doing these things that I want to do, but that I put off as being too hard or out of reach for me. Now I’m going to submit 30 pieces for publication.

I am not going to do this all at once, but I thought I’d keep a list of where I submitted with links included, for other writers who might be looking for places to submit their work. Really, every time I submit something, it intimidates me. I get rejections and that’s never fun. But you can also never be accepted if you never submit, so, pushing myself to submit 30 pieces is definitely pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, in a good way. I don’t want to let the writing part of me die just because I am a stay at home mom now – so blogging and submitting is one way I can keep that alive. So, without further ado, the (incomplete) list. In case you’re wondering, you can assume rejection if it says nothing else haha 😉

  1. Metroparent Magazine
  2.  BlogHer Voices of the Year (submissions closed for this year)
  3. Holy Hen House (they were looking for new regular contributors)

Happy submitting! May the odds be ever in your favor.

Where are some places you have submitted to in the past? Or that you would recommend submitting?

Photo adapted from photo by cohdra at Morguefile.com. 

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