Everyone’s Favorite Songs

So, I was curious what everyone’s favorite songs were and so I asked you. And let me tell you, you guys delivered! You have such varied tastes in music, it’s kind of wonderful and I love it.

Everyone's favorite songs

So I took all those songs and I turned them into a Spotify playlist. Entitled everyone’s favorite songs, of course. There are a few that are covers because I couldn’t find the original on Spotify. Usually, this is because the artist or whoever owns the rights to the song has chosen not to make it available on Spotify. There are a lot of songs on Spotify, but not everything. I do love Spotify and I promise this is not an ad haha.

So right now, this is a very short list. I could only add what people said! So obviously, this is not exhaustive of everyone in the whole wide world. First of all because I don’t know everyone in the whole wide world! But I could add to this list at any time, so if you have something you’d like to add, please let me know and I’ll add it!

Oh in case you are wondering why I picked a picture of a CD player over all the newer ways to play music, it’s in honor of Dominic. Dominic has been enjoying the discovery of the CD thanks to a birthday gift of a CD player from his aunt. He’s always been a musical kind of kid, so this was a really great gift for him. He definitely has developed his own favorite songs already. It’s one of the most awesome parts of being a mom is seeing these tiny infants turn into such personalities.

What song would you like me to add? 

Picture altered and adapted from a picture by mconnors at morguefile.com

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