A Week in My Life Through the Eyes of Google

I remember a while ago reading this blog post about who google thinks you are and I thought it was such a fun concept. So I got to wondering, what would a week in my search history would look like. Except not google, but Swagbucks because I enjoy earning while I search. By the way, that’s a referral link if you’d like to join Swagbucks too.

So anyways, here is my life in a week as told through my search history. I tried to include everything on this list, but I might have missed a few searches that I did on my phone. But I hope this is interesting to you. What would your google searches say about you?

Let Me Google That

Let Me Google That For You

  • Does sleeping burn more calories than watching tv? (I thought I read this somewhere and I wanted to confirm if it was true. It is.)
  • Bracelets 
  • The Duckling Gets a Cookie (This is a Mo Willems book that my friend mentioned that we owned, but I was worried she was talking about some other book and I would look silly if I was wrong, so I googled it first.
  • Six Stories (This and the next two searches were an attempt to find a book I read about in someone’s Facebook post, which sounded super intriguing but the cover image didn’t have the author.)
  • Six stories June 1st
  • Six Stories podcaster
  • Wooden bracelet
  • Misha Collins (Many of my searches involve celebrities because I am terrible at famous people names. I need a picture so I can go, “Oh yeah! That guy!”) 
  • Dairy Queen
  • Kimpton
  • Aquatica
  • Slideboarding
  • Do tigers live in South America? (This and the next 4 searches are related to us watching The Jungle Book and me wondering whether or not all of these creatures could really live together in the same jungle and also me subsequently forgetting that The Jungle Book takes place in India.) 
  • Do wolves and tigers live in the same area? (Interestingly enough, this search brought up many other people wondering if lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) could ever live in the same area.)
  • Do bears live in the jungle?
  • Are there wolves in India
  • Sloth bears
  • Brent and Jess (They made my beautiful wedding ring which I love and sometimes I like to refer people to them.)
  • IRS scam (I knew something was a scam, but I wanted a page to direct the person to from the IRS that had resources and what they should do.)
  • How to access Prime Reading (Still feel dumb that I can’t figure this out.) 
  • Graco pack n play (The mattress on ours needs replacing.)
  • How I Met Your Mother number of seasons
  • Garrison Cootes (We wanted to know if the actor who plays Garrison Cootes voices the Cat in the Hat. He does. Nick was the one who caught this despite how many times I have seen Cat in the Hat episodes with the boys. Here we go, go, go, go on an adventure! The Thingamajigger is up and away!)
  • Hamilton Milwaukee (I heard Hamilton was coming to Milwaukee and I wanted to know what dates. There are no dates released yet. But it’s coming!)
  • High back boosters (Dominic is finally 40 pounds.)
  • Wisconsin car seat law (Double checking that 40 pounds is the weight limit he needs to be to be in a booster lol.)
  • Muggles bar West Bend (Did you know West Bend has a Harry Potter bar?! I didn’t until my friends mentioned it on their wedding invitation.)
  • The Credible Hulk meme (A few of my friends affectionately refer to me getting Hulk like sometimes haha. The Credible Hulk meme is totally me but I deleted it on accident and needed a replacement for it.) 
  • Soulish (This was in our Bible study and I wanted to see if the definition was anything special/different than soulful.) 
  • Last Pass
  • Baby sleep what is normal Precious Little Sleep (This is a long story and someday I will blog about that time I spent adminning a huge baby sleep group. But the long and the short of it is that my friend Alexis runs and awesome and huge blog (she has a book coming soon!) about baby sleep. While I was an admin, I answered lots of questions and now, while I’m not an admin, I still answer questions sometimes and I need certain links for them and sometimes the quickest/laziest way is to google the post title I’m looking for. Even though I have them bookmarked!) 
  • Three hole punch
  • Consubstantiation (Because I always get communion terms mixed up, I wanted to see which one this was. Inspired by my friend’s status about a discussion she had about communion with her son.) 
  • Early Intervention
  • Early Intervention better outcomes
  • Herb pictures etc (This was actually a series of searches I did on my phone in rapid succession so, to be honest, I can’t tell you exactly what they all were. I got a Growing Power Market Basket for the first time ever and there were two bags of some kinds of greens that I couldn’t identify. I asked several people and googled several things but nobody was 100 percent sure. I ended up asking in LST Supper Club where multiple people agreed they were sunflower sprouts and pea shoots. So, I got to add those two new things to my culinary adventures!)
  • Habanero’s Mexican Kitchen (I met my friend’s at this restaurant. I can’t be the only person who googles new places before going there, right?)

So there you have it! A week in my google (Swagbucks) searches. Hopefully you’re not judging too much 😉 Let me know if you found this interesting and I’ll do it again sometime!

What’s the most interesting thing you googled in the past week? 

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