The Amazing Universe We Live In

The amazing universe we live in

I have to admit when I was a kid, I kind of thought that space and the universe was pretty boring. I don’t know why but for whatever reason it didn’t hold my interest. I could barely name the planets.

Then I had kids and my oldest kid became space-obsessed. He can tell you so many things about space that I never knew before. And suddenly, I began to see the amazing things. The wonderful things that God created at for us to marvel at.

So in honor of this amazing space, here is a collection of links containing photos that showcase what an amazing universe we live in. And how amazing humanity is in some regards. It is easy to get down on all the terrible things that happen – because it is true, there are many terrible things that happen. But, we put a man on the moon. We have sent out probes that have traveled past Pluto. It’s remarkable to think about. The whole earth is really remarkable – today Dominic saw his first rainbow and that was a very special moment for him – but when you think about how remarkable the earth is and then add in space and the universe, it’s just clear what an amazing Creator we have.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed these remarkable photos! How do you feel about space? Do you find this universe amazing as well? 

Photo from Johnson

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