When Getting Through is Enough

When Getting Through Is Enough

Today was a good day. But not every day is a good day.

Like last week Friday. Last week Friday was a disaster. My kids weren’t listening. I was exhausted because I caught a cold from my kids and I wasn’t sleeping well at night due to my throat hurting and my nose being so stuffed up I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I fell down the steps and landed on the toys I was carrying when I tripped (don’t worry, I was close to the bottom so I didn’t fall far and it hurt and I bruised the bottom of my foot so that hurt for a few days, but no serious injuries). And of course, this was also the day I had planned to make a pasta salad for co-op but then because of all the other stuff, I never got around to that, so I had to pick up something at the store, which made us late for co-op. We went to check out books at the library and that day was the day that I got billed for my missing book and then, when I was about to pay the fine, I realized that I left my wallet in the car on accident and so I had to separate my wailing child from his books and go back out to the car to get the wallet then come back in and pay the fine before we could check books out.

Needless to say, it was not a good day.

I just needed to get through that day. Forget making it wonderful, which even though I think is overrated, I still feel this pressure to do sometimes. I just needed to get through that day.

Sometimes getting through the day is enough.

Let me say that again.

Sometimes getting through the day is enough.

Somedays are just hard. That’s a part of life and a part of parenting. But sometimes we make those rough days ten times worse by telling ourselves all the things we should be doing that we are just not on top of. Like me, with the pasta salad. Did anybody care that I stopped at Costco instead of slaving over the stove? No. Me, I was the only one who cared. But we sometimes put all this pressure on ourselves to do certain things. We have these expectations on ourselves and when things don’t work it, it can be easy to feel like a failure.

But getting through a tough day is an accomplishment. And sometimes, I jokingly say at the end of a tough day, “We’re all still alive.” It’s a joke, but actually, it’s also pretty amazing. There are like a billion (a trillion if you believe every blog you ever read) ways that you could die. Getting through the day with everyone still alive is a success.

Yeah, the good days are great, but the bad days? They’re not the end of the world. You got through the day. And that’s enough for this day.

What helps you get through the days that are hard? 

P.S. In case you’re wondering, for whatever reason, I felt like this post needed a picture that would make you smile and/or laugh. So if you’re wondering about why I picked the pug in the blanket, that’s why. If you’re wondering why the pug is in a blanket, I can’t help you with that. 

Photo credit: Foter.com

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