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Today, I’m writing this post in defense of chemicals. Why? Because I like chemicals.

In this day and age, there is a big push to “go natural” and to be “chemical free.” If you google (or Swagbucks in my case – referral link) you’ll get a plethora of hits. They promise things like chemical free living and a chemical free home. Chemical free personal care and chemical free mattresses. Chemical free cleaning and even chemical free paper. Chemical reactions - an important part of the chemicals I like

But, these things are simply impossible. If you really had something that was chemical free, you would have literally nothing.  Everything that you can taste and see and hold is made up of chemicals. The air we breathe is made up of oxygen (and nitrogen and a few other stuff), but thankfully that chemical oxygen is there to keep us alive.

And let me tell you about my favorite chemical of all.

Dihydrogen Monoxide.

Without this chemical, we wouldn’t be alive. I am personally grateful for a tall refreshing glass of dihydrogen monoxide during the hot summer months.

Dihydrogen monoxide, you see, is just another name for water. But it sounds scary. And it sounds like a chemical. Well, that’s because it is a chemical. Chemicals are everywhere around us and there is nothing inherently bad about them. Yes, there are chemicals that harm you, but there are also lots of chemicals that we need for living.

However, clever marketers have played on people’s fears and introduced to them the idea of chemical free. That certain things must be better because they contain “no chemicals.” What they usually mean is that they contain only things found in nature. But the idea of those things not being chemicals is 100 percent false.

I mean, there are inherent problems with nature/natural equaling good and better for you, but I’ll discuss that in a different post.

But the bottom line is that “chemical free” is a misleading marketing ploy designed to get you to buy into whatever they are selling you that is supposedly “better” for you. So don’t fall for it! Do your research and find out if those “bad things” are really all that bad or if those “good things” are really all that good, but don’t worry about whether or not it’s made up of chemicals or not. Spoiler alert: it is! Even if it claims to be chemical free.

For further reading I recommend What Is – And What Isn’t – A Chemical and The “Ingredients” in Organic, All-Natural, Fruits & Eggs Are Not What You’d Expect.

Are you afraid of chemicals? What’s your favorite chemical? 

photo credit: Tom Simpson A delightfully gruesome reaction! via photopin (license) No changes made.

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