Why I Support the Coalition for Responsible Home Education

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Since in the last post I wrote, I tackled why we won’t be joining HSLDA, I thought today I would talk about why I support the Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE). I would not say that these are flip sides of the same coin, but they are related. And, while it seems as HSLDA tries to deregulate homeschooling, CRHE strives to promote reasonable regulation.

Why I support the Coalition for Responsible Home Education

I know, in writing this post, that not many people are familiar with CRHE, so in case you aren’t, CRHE like I said, stands for Coalition for Responsible Home Education. They are a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious organization that advocates for homeschooled children. They were founded and created by adults who were once homeschooled children themselves. As far as what they do – I think they say it so much better than I could. “We conduct research, create resources, and promote sound homeschooling policy. We are committed to advocating for common-sense laws that respect freedom of choice in education style and methodology but contain the checks and balances necessary to ensure the wellbeing and educational success of all homeschooled children.” (Source)

I know that, for many homeschoolers, they don’t want the government in their business. But I guess, I’m not many homeschoolers. I’m my own person and I think that the government can absolutely be beneficial in many circumstances. The government does things for me that I don’t have the ability or desire to do on my own. Then there’s the other side of the coin – where people claim that there isn’t abuse in homeschooling or that people who abuse their children aren’t real homeschoolers.

But I can’t deny the fact that unfortunately, some parents (too many parents) have used homeschooling as a cover to abuse their children or to hide their children from accusations of abuse. In my ideal world, we wouldn’t need to be having this conversation because everyone would treat their children with love and kindness. But unfortunately, that is not the reality we live in, and too many kids are being abused.

For me, I love homeschooling. I think it is one of the biggest blessings in my life. In my (admittedly biased) opinion, my children are thriving. But unfortunately, it is not a positive experience for every child. And for children whose parents are using homeschooling to hide abuse, it is not only a terrifying situation, but it is a potentially fatal one. For me, I would subject my children to more regulation and oversight of our homeschooling, if it meant that fewer homeschooled kids fell through the cracks.

Sometimes you see horror stories in the media about terrible things that happened to homeschooled kids. Some of these have happened in my own state. I don’t want people to look at those cases and say, all homeschoolers are like that. But on the flipside, I don’t want to sit by and do nothing when these things are happening. Child abuse and educational neglect do happen in the homeschool community. No, they are not happening in every family. But, I don’t want to shrug and say “It’s not my problem” because I value this community.

And this is where I kind of dovetail with CRHE. We have, I feel, the same goals in mind. We want to protect children. They are very straightforward about their policy recommendations (pro tip: I found them easier to read if you click the link at the top that says read as a PDF). I think having concrete changes that we could make is extremely helpful. It helps to give a roadmap of how to change things. It doesn’t just say this is a problem. It says, here are some things we could do to make the problem better. It also helps you to realize that they aren’t asking for anything unreasonable. If you read the suggestions as a PDF, they often make notes of where this recommendation or similar is already part of a state law.

Our children are counting on us to do better for them in so many ways. I see this as part of those ways. If you want to learn more about CRHE, I encourage you to visit their website.

Have you heard of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education before? What do you think that we could do better to protect every child in our community? 

P. S. Did you know the Coalition for Responsible Home Education also provides information on the laws of every state? I find this information to be much more thorough than the information HSLDA provides. Plus you don’t have to put in your e-mail to read it. 

Logo used with permission of CRHE! They were not in any way, shape or form affiliated with me writing this post. However, when I knew that I was going to be writing it, I reached out to them asking for permission to use their logo in my post and they graciously agreed. 

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