Learn Through Drawing (Review of Draw and Learn Animals and Places)

Disclaimer: I received Draw and Learn Animals and Places for free from Timberdoodle in exchange for my honest review. Regardless of getting it for free, the things that I share here are always 100 percent my own honest opinion. 

Draw and Learn Animals and Places Draw and Learn Animals and Places

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Draw and Learn Animals and Places. I had the opportunity to try this book both with Allen (3 years old) and Dominic (5 years old). In this post, I’ll go over the book, what I liked about it, and what I didn’t like about it. Overall, it’s a solid book and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Draw and Learn Animals and Places

Even though I would say that I am a terrible drawer myself, I feel that drawing is an important skill for little kids. In the front cover of this book, it goes over some of the benefits of drawing which I agree with. Drawing is great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. These are really important skills to work on for little kids. I don’t think that drawing should be the only way that they work on it, but it can definitely be a good part of the equation. The book also mentions that drawing builds a child’s symbolic knowledge, which was a new concept to me. I knew what symbolic knowledge was (the understanding of the concept that specific marks mean a specific thing. IE the letter a. If you know that is a letter a, you have symbolic knowledge. If it just looks like a line on the paper, you don’t). I never thought about this in regards to drawing, but it totally makes sense.

Draw and Learn Animals and Places

Some of the things that I like best about it are the fact that it’s very bright and colorful. The instructions are clear and simple. There are a lot of examples so that your child can see something first before drawing it. Some of the pages have a place for name and date, which is cool because then you can see how they change and grow over time. It feels like a good balance between drawing and coloring. I didn’t count the pages exactly, how many were drawing and how many were coloring and how many were both, but from flipping through, it feels like it’s pretty evenly balanced. As far as skill level goes, it is a part of Timberdoodle’s PreK kit, which we used last year with Dominic. I believe it is replacing Doodle and Draw, Inside, Outside, Everywhere. In terms of the two books, I feel like Draw and Learn Animals and Places is a better fit, it seems better suited for a four year old’s skill set. Some things in this seemed too hard for my three year old and too easy for my five year old, so I would say PreK would be a pretty accurate fit. This would also be a great activity book for traveling.

Draw and Learn Animals and Places

Dominic (5) had this to say about the book. “It’s pretty fun. It brings up my coloring skills. It also gives me size power.” I don’t exactly know what size power is, but he told me that the more size power you have, the better you are at drawing.

Draw and Learn Animals and Places

Nitpicky thing to point out, but I would mention that there are no page numbers. This is just my own personal preference, but I like my books to have page numbers. It’s easier for me to lesson plan and it’s easier for me to communicate with my kids what I want them to do. Plus I think looking for page numbers helps with their number sense.

Like I said, overall we really like this book. I would definitely recommend.

Do your kids enjoy drawing? How do you work on their drawing skills? 

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