I Want So Badly to Love Mug Cakes

The mug cake. There are so many things appealing about them. They are single serving size. They are cake. They are a use for a mug. And let me tell you, I need uses for mugs. There are so many cool and cute mugs out there and I don’t drink coffee or tea. I mean, I do drink hot chocolate, but you still only need so many mugs. As it is, I probably have too many mugs, but there are so many more cool ones that I wish I could have.

But, every time I try and make a mug cake, they turn out all wrong. Even following different recipes, they never taste quite right. Frequently, they taste quite eggy. And, the time element. Most recipes boast being five minutes. I actually made one a few nights ago and I timed myself and it took me almost 15 minutes from start to microwave, then I had to wait for it to microwave. You have to measure a lot of ingredients. Prep time wise, it takes me less time to make a box cake. Of course, then you say, it’s only a box cake. But on the flip side, if I’m going to measure as much as I have to to make a mug cake, I could be making a cake from scratch. True, it does take longer in the oven, but box cake or from scratch, both taste better than a mug cake. Plus, then you have leftover cake. A mug cake is a one and done deal. But if you take the time, then you can have cake today and tomorrow. And even longer if you freeze it!

But who knows – maybe I am expecting too much from something that I threw in the microwave. But the concept seems so glorious that I can’t help but want to love it. And I can’t help but try it again. Even if every time I’m left eating a cup of disappointment.

Mug Cake

My most recent failed attempt at a mug cake. Looks deceptively delicious. I even frosted it!

How do you feel about the mug cake? Sweet treat or do you too find them to be a cup of disappointment? 

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