Who are you?
I’m Melissa and if you want to know more, I suggest you check out my about page. No need to reinvent the wheel.

I’m thinking about starting my own website/blog. Do you have any advice/what do you use?
Congrats! I’ve really enjoyed my time blogging and I hope you do too. There’s a lot of blogging advice out there already, the only thing I can say is that it’s your blog, make it what you want it to be. Logistics wise, WordPress is the software that runs my blog and I recommend it over everything else, especially Blogger. I got my domain at 1and1. Gabe Taviano did my site design and my hosting and I also loved working with him – I highly recommend him! If you have more specific questions, contact me. I’d love to help you with them.

Why did you name your blog Life, Love, and Dirty Diapers?
It’s pretty simple. I have a life, I try to fill that life with lots of love, and I have a toddler currently in diapers – which means I change a lot of dirty diapers every day. It also alludes to the fact that life isn’t fun and pretty all the time, but it’s still worth it. I might change the name when Dominic and any future children are older and I don’t have any more kids in diapers, but then again, I might not. We’ll have to wait and see where this journey takes me.

How frequently do you blog?
I try to blog every day but some days that goes better than other days. I usually average multiple times a week.

How do you have time to blog?
I used to blog occasionally, thinking I really didn’t have time. Then I signed up for National Blog Posting Month and I somehow managed to make time to blog every day. I have found that blogging engages my brain and so the benefits are worthwhile and it’s been productive for me, so therefore I seek to find and make time.

Why do you blog about so many different things?
Because I’m a person with many different interests. I know I could market my blog better if I focused on one thing, but I don’t want to market my blog better. I want my blog to be representative of me – all of me – and I don’t want to feel limited when a idea strikes me just because it’s “outside my niche.”

Do you accept guest posts?
Yes and I would love to discuss the possibility of you guest posting for me. Read more about guest posting here.

Will you post about my book/product/etc? Can I advertise on your website?
It’s possible. I would love to talk more with you about it. Please contact me.

What are your favorite posts?
It’s really hard to pick favorites because I try not to publish anything I don’t like, but certainly I am more proud of some than I am of others. I am not going to list all my favorites, but some of my favorites include Respect? For Kids?, Food Idolatry, Dominic’s Birth Story, How to Evaluate a Scientific Study, and They Are My Choices.

Are you on any social networks?
Yes, I am on many social networks. You can find them all here and I love new followers.

What is subscribing?/How do I subscribe?
Subscribing is a way of making sure that you don’t miss anything. It sends an e-mail to your inbox any time I post something new. You can subscribe by going to the right hand sidebar and scrolling down until you see “Subscribe to Blog by E-mail.” Put your e-mail in the box there. It’s right under my Twitter timeline.

Traditional book or e-reader?
I prefer reading traditional books, but I love how easy it is to find free e-books and I enjoy reading those more than I thought I would. I’ll read a book however it is easiest for me to obtain it.

Do you really get asked all these questions?
Yes and no. Some of these questions I have been asked, some of these questions address statements I’ve heard, and others of these questions I just thought were helpful information for people.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to answer your questions.