Counting to 1000 Gifts: 81-90

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81. A baby that sleeps all night again leaving me well rested to tackle the day
82. A husband who loves to spend time with his little man
83. Amazing in-laws who have always been supportive and loving
84. Awesome parents who I know love me, despite our difficulties in the past
85. Imperfect but fun craft projects with Dominic
86. Hearing Dominic talk and learn more and more words
87. Having a brain and critical thinking skills
88. That God sent His son to be born a lowly birth, to live a perfect life, and then to die for all humanity
89. A car that gets us from point a to b without breaking down
90. A hubby who shovels whenever it snows

Counting to 1000 Gifts: 71-80

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All right, here’s my next gifts on the list!

71. For the service of our veterans and those currently serving

72. For a son who needs his mom yet also loves and enjoys spending time with his dad

73. For sunshine

74. For snuggles

75. For simple times together with my hubby. We may not have money but we have love.

76. For an awesome little sister who is so supportive of me

77. For hot chocolate brownies

78. For texting that puts me in touch with my friends who live far

79. For apple juice

80. For the amazing miracle of life itself

Counting to 1000 Gifts – #61-70

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Sometimes, you just have to count your blessings. Sometimes, you especially have to count your blessings when you don’t feel like you have any. Sometimes I don’t feel like I have any or I don’t feel like I have the right blessings and it reminds me why it’s so important to focus on the good gifts God gives us instead of on the things He doesn’t.

So without further ado – gifts 61-70

61. Good friends

62. A swiffer

63. A husband who calls me on his way home from work and says “I’m stopping at McDonald’s do you want anything?” at almost the same time you are craving something sweet but have eaten most of the sweet things in the home.

64. McFlurries haha

65. Target

66. A growing garden

67. Facebook (well, most of the time it is anyways)

68. A son who loves me very much

69. #whoisCharlie giving me laughs (look it up on Facebook)

70. A sweet little guy letting me read 5 books to him this morning

Counting to 1000 Gifts: #51-60

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51. That the weather is getting nice again!

52. That I’ve had almost a year with my sweet little baby

53. That he’s started to sleep through the night recently (hurray!)

54. Making new friends

55. Playing Life with Nick last night . . . even if he did beat me

56. Good party with friends

57. Getting an awesome deal on some e-books yesterday

58. Always having an abundance of food

59. Always having an abundance of books

60. The zerbert monster (aka, Dominic loves giving zerberts)

Counting to 1000 Gifts: #41-50

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Sorry I’ve been away for a bit – I’ve been busy moving! In that vein, a lot of these will probably be about our new house. If you haven’t read the book One Thousand Gifts I highly recommend it. You can also check out Ann Voskamp’s blog and website.

41. An awesome visit with my in-laws

42. Moving went really smoothly

43. A huge built-in bookcase

44. A fan that blows warm air in the bathroom, which is really glorious after a shower

45. Living so much closer to Nick’s work

46. Having so much fun at swimming lessons with Dominic

47. Having those swimming lessons with friends

48. Having a much safer place to live for Dominic

49. Living in a much quieter neighborhood

50. A bigger kitchen

Hope your weekend is going well! Be blessed!

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Counting to 1000 Gifts: #31-40

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All right, going to count them off again 🙂

31. Watching my little boy play with his daddy

32. 2 years of marriage

33. Being able to watch another couple who I love dearly get married on my anniversary

34. Shoe games 🙂

35. Long car rides to talk

36. A baby who is soothed by the car

37. Cinnamon swirl bagels

38. Friends and family coming to visit

39. New utensils

40. The rhythmic thud of the “heartbeat” of our Gentle Giraffe


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Counting to 1000 Gifts: #11-20

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All right, here’s my list for today (based on the book):

11: Comfy nightgowns
12: Winning a mystery book giveaway and it being the perfect book for me
13: The morning news
14: That I live in a free country
15: The stove
16: Frozen teethers
17: Baby laughter
18: Warm sweatshirts (Okay I know it is not cold out but my hubby likes to have the AC which makes me cold)
19: Eggs
20: My husband playing with our son

Now I didn’t check last week’s before I wrote this so there might be some repeats but that just means I’m extra thankful and they are the gifts that keep on giving 🙂 What are you thankful for?

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