10 Finds for Saturday – 4/27/13

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I decided today to try to organize these a bit into categories so I hope that helps! Here are your ten finds!

Ten Things: A Roundup Worth Reading


“My baby does not like being in a sling!” Tips for parents that want to babywear


Creative Sand Sensory Play

Pretend Campfire for Dramatic Play Camping Theme

General Parenting

10 Ways to Be a More Confident Mom

Appreciate Your Mom

Women’s Issues

It’s Not Just Domestic Violence: The Beginner’s Guide to 16 Types of Violence Against Women


Free Wheat Thins Sample

Free One Year Subscription to Ladies Home Journal

Visually Appealing

10 Cool Office Spaces


To Die For Pizza Dip


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10 Finds for Thursday – 12/6/12

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All right, it’s that time again – a round up of ten things that I think you should read!

Ten Things: A Roundup Worth Reading

1. How to Interview a Midwife

2. Booby Traps Series: 30% of working moms report taking no maternity leave. 40% say they take 6 weeks or less. Meet one of the biggest Booby Traps of them all.

3. Science You Can Use: Some obese women struggle with breastfeeding, but new research suggests it’s not all about physiology.

4. Do Docs Miss Breast Cancer Warning Signs in Breastfeeding Mothers?

5. Targeting TV Advertising By (Literally) Watching the Viewers

6. Writing Prompts Use Digital Photos For Writing

7. Full Moons Won’t Make You Cray-Cray, Say Scientists

8. Use Holiday Travel To Give Back By Donating Frequent Flier Miles To Families Of Very Sick

9. True Story: Everything You Need To Know About Domestic Violence – From a Prosecutor

10. Six-Year-Old Girl Wants To Know Why “Guess Who?” Has More Men Than Women (And So Do We)

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