101 in 1001: Take a Family Vacation

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So! Today’s post and then tomorrow’s and then I will have beat my challenge! So, knocking off another 101 in 1001 today and then tomorrow, a reflection on my feelings about NaBloPoMo and then I will have conquered the challenge! So today I am blogging about our taking a family vacation.

This vacation we actually took back in February. It’s funny. For the first five years of our marriage, we basically didn’t travel at all. We couldn’t. We were too broke. The kids were too little. Nick’s jobs didn’t allow for him to really have time off. But, this year, this year it has felt like we have done allllll the travel. We started the year off in Canada and then by February we were in the Dominican and then in April, Nick and I went on our first weekend away from the kids to the Dells, and then just getting back from St. Louis for Thanksgiving – it’s been a busy travel year! It’s a little tiring, but I don’t regret any of the trips we took.

So, our trip to the Dominican, that was my first time going anywhere like that. The other countries I’ve been to are South Korea, Germany, and Canada. So, that was a new experience for me for sure. And while we went with a bunch of family – it was a trip to celebrate Nick’s grandparents’ anniversary, after all – we don’t know anyone who lives there, so I am definitely considering this a family vacation. And, none of our flights got delayed or canceled this time and there was no airport vomiting, so winning. Here are some pictures from our trip! It really was a special year to be able to spend so much time with family that we rarely get to see.

Dominican Family Vacation Dominican Family Vacation

Did you travel this year? Where did you go? 

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