Mary, Did You Know? – Faith Jam Thursday – 12/19/13

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“What character in the Christmas Story most speaks to you?”

This will probably not come as a shock to anyone, but Mary is the character that pulls on my heart the most. The mother in me identifies with the mother in her.

I wonder what she must have been feeling at this time. She seems so calm, but I wonder if she was scared. If she ever worried that she was going to mess him up. If she ever questioned God and said ‘Why me?’ or wondered if she could even do it at all.

I wonder too what it was like for her to give birth. Did that frighten her? I mean, she wasn’t very old, this was her first child – she had never done this before. Did she wonder if the things she felt were normal? I doubt Joseph had been to a birth before (though we don’t know, I could be wrong) and we have no indication anyone else was there. I would have been scared out of my mind. Childbirth is beautiful but often painful and there were times the pain seemed too much for me. I wonder how she felt giving birth in a stable – did she feel uncomfortable? Did she worry this was no place for a king?

It seems that despite this all, despite everything she could have worried and maybe everything she did worry, she had such a good attitude about it. She opened her hands to receive the king, even though it was difficult. She gave all the credit and glory to God. Her song is an absolutely beautiful song of praise to God.

I want a heart and an attitude like hers, one that is open to receiving the blessings even with the hard parts attached. After all, she had to watch this little baby grow up into a man only to be put to death in a brutal, violent way. Could I do that? I don’t know. But I want a heart like hers, one that joyfully obeys God. I want a soul that proclaims the greatness of our God and a spirit that rejoices in God my Savior.

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