10 Things for Saturday – Feb 8th, 2014

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As you know, I love to share the work of others out there. As per usual, a link to an article does not mean an endorsement of the whole site. These are just things I enjoyed/found interesting and I thought you would too.

Ten Things

1. “Shed Your Weight Problem”
2. What will you see when you look back?
3. The real mom manual
4. Let’s Not Handicap Our Girls
5. Free Educational Resources: Olympics, Handwriting, Latin and More
6. 7 Pointlessly Gendered Products
7. 15 {Fun} Fine Motor Activities for Toddlers
8. Opinion: Women don’t need anymore Big Lies
9. Adorable Kittens Tell the Story of Frozen
10. How to Raise Thankful Kids in an Entitled World


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Olympic Dreams

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To be honest, as I’ve gotten older I’ve watched less of the Olympics than when I was a kid. But when I was a kid they were awesome. I loved watching them and I thought they were the coolest. I have fond memories of doing mock Olympics at school.

I am not exactly sure why I am thinking about them today, but they are on my mind. So here are my answers to a few questions about them – and all the same questions to you!

Winter or Summer?
I much, much, much prefer the Winter Olympics. I think they are a billion times more fun to watch than the summer Olympics.

If you could compete in any Olympic sport, what would it be?
I would definitely want to do pairs figure skating or ice dancing, despite the fact that I am completely unqualified for both of them. They have always been my favorite event – they are just so beautiful and I love pairs especially because you can do a little more and I love seeing the interaction. I also think you can tell a little story in there. I am really, really klutzy on ice skates though so this dream will never become a reality. But I really have always loved the sport. Actually, when I was in high school I wrote a paper on the Skategate scandal. That’s how much I loved it. Haha.

So what are your answers?

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