Plastic Surgery to Prevent Bullying?

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So plastic surgery. I get it – it’s a woman decision, despite overwhelming evidence that it is dangerous. After watching the documentary America the Beautiful, I learned that since a Supreme Court ruling, you can be any kind of MD and practice plastic surgery. On top of that, here are some potential risks of plastic surgery under general anesthesia.

Abnormal heart rhythm
Blood Clots—Blood Clots can be fatal and are difficult to predict. To lower the risk, patients should not stay in any one position too long. Flexing the feet often helps too.
Airway Obstruction—Anesthesia may irritate air passages, which causes the spasms of the vocal cords. This can block the airway.
Brain Damage—Brain Damage may occur if blood circulation drops to a dangerous level.
Heart Attack
Malignant Hyperthermia—A rare but real complication when blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature rise to a dangerous level. If not diagnosed and treated promptly, death may occur.
Nerve Damage
(Original source now a broken link as of 10/13/15)

Like I said, I feel women should have a choice about it. But what about plastic surgery for our little girls? To help them avoid bullying?

Check out this video:

The doctor claims it was for medical reasons, but there are no other proofs in the video that it was to the contrary. The reason this video upsets me is because is this the message we are sending to our little girls, our future women? That if there’s something “wrong” with the way they look  and people are teasing them to just fix it with some plastic surgery? What happened to teaching our little girls that they are beautiful, no matter how they look? I think that things like this keep women from being empowered because instead of teaching our future women that they have reason to think they are beautiful no matter how they look, we are teaching them that their beauty and worth is in what other people think of them. Women all over the world struggle with this. In Korea, when I was there, plastic surgery is so popular – I saw people my own age who had already had it. You could see butt inserts to make your butt bigger in the stores. And the US is just the same – breast implants, plastic surgery, media discussing women’s looks. We keep women down by constantly telling them they aren’t good enough

And now we are starting young. Teaching tomorrow’s women that they must keep this cycle going, keep themselves down, by women (mothers) telling girls (daughters) that they aren’t good enough.

Oh, in case you’re curious, here’s the foundation the video talked about. Little Baby Face Foundation. Granted, it looks like they do a lot of good work. In fact, I know they do. In the subject of full disclosure, my sister had plastic surgery when she was young.

But there is a difference between these two girls. You see, my sister was born with a cleft palate. And that my friends, is truly a medical problem. Why? Well, if you have a cleft palate, it means you have a hole in the roof of your mouth. You can’t eat properly. My mom had to put the milk in a little tube and put it down my sister’s throat to make sure it bypassed the hole. That was truly a medical problem.

But this? This is just continuing a cycle that uses the ideal and esteem of beauty to keep women down. Let’s not let our girls be defined by five letters of the alphabet.

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