Schools Should Be Sexual Harassment Free

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I stumbled upon this report a little while ago and I was kind of shocked and at the same time I was like, I think maybe I already knew this. But according to the End Violence Against Women Coalition, a third of girls face sexual harassment by their peers in school.

And a third, to me, is way too many. And I tend to feel that perhaps this is on the lower end of things, because the only way these things are usually measured through self-reporting. That and some people may not realize that what happened to them is sexual harassment.

But I think it’s a serious problem. It makes school a very uncomfortable place when you have to worry about that. If you’re uncomfortable and worried about it, you’re going to have a harder time focusing in class, which will probably lead to a harder time in school in general.

And I, unfortunately, have to say that I’ve experienced this. I was dancing one time at a school dance – not even provocatively – and these guys came up to me and tried to stuff dollar bills in my dress. I know some people might be flattered by that, but for me it made me really uncomfortable and made me rethink, a lot of times, whether or not I really wanted to go to the dances anymore.

So I think that definitely a push for ending sexual harassment in schools is really necessary to make a friendly and safe learning environment for everyone.

Sexual Harassment – No Joking Matter

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It seems to me like every time women start to succeed, they get held back. I think that while the United States might have evolved a lot in terms of women’s rights, we still have a long way to go. For one, women still have to fear sexual harassment. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, it can make you really uncomfortable. I’ve experienced what could probably be known as mild sexual harassment at one of my last jobs and I can’t say that it made me feel very comfortable – in fact, I requested not to work with that person ever again. Fortunately, my boss respected my wishes.

However, not everyone’s bosses take them so seriously.

This broke the news a little bit ago, but I still think it’s important to talk about it.

Tameika Dorman, who used to be a producer for Black Entertainment Television (BET), claims to be fired after complaining about working with a cameraman who was sexually harassing her. After repeatedly watching her butt on camera, she asked him about it and he “grabbed and repeatedly rubbed his crotch, began to moan and said it was because he loved her butt, that she was sexy and that she did not know what he was going to do to her” (Source). She then complained and was told that said cameraman would be kept away from her. However, she was later made to work with him again, so she complained again and then was fired shortly. BET claims that they couldn’t back up her claims of sexual harassment, but at the same time didn’t interview someone who could have.

Now to me, in an ideal world, he should be the one being fired, not her. Why is it that time and time again, the man is protected while the woman is let go? Do companies think that men are better workers so they are more willing to protect them? Because if so, that is BS. Women can be just as good of workers as men. Is it easier to get rid of the woman than get rid of the man? I think they might see it that way. Is it because it is an inherently sexist system? I’m not sure of the answers, but I know that it needs to be fixed.

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