Baby Wipes Containers Upcycled Into Spice Containers!

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Let me tell you a story. This is going to be a very short story. Actually, to be honest, you can’t even really call this a story.

But once upon a time, Nick and I we were pretty broke. Not that we are like rolling in the dough now, but considerably, things have improved.

Most things I found ways to wait for or to make do without, but one thing that I always wanted was spice shelves – or some sort of organizational system for spices. I was tired of not being able to find spices that I knew we had. I was tired of realizing that I’d accidentally bought the same spice twice.

But I couldn’t find the money to buy a fancy organizer.

So I started to look around my house, to try and figure out what I did have in abundance. And it turned out, that thing was baby wipe containers. If you have ever used baby wipes, you know that those containers are pretty sturdy.  So when we used them, I didn’t just want to throw them out. I held onto them because I knew they would be useful for something else. (And it turns out, they are useful for storing many things – we have different baby wipe containers for markers, pens, and pencils for example). We couldn’t use most of them for baby wipes anymore because one of my kids had broken the lids.

So when I realized I had a bunch of these, I thought, there has to be a way I can organize these to hold my spices. And so I started arranging the spices in them until every spice had a place. Then, I took a post it note and taped it on the front of the container and on that post it note, I wrote everything that was in that container. Then I lined them all up in my cupboard. Like this! Ignore the peeling post it note, I did tape it on better after I took this picture.

Spice Containers out of Baby wipe containers - baby wipe containers upcycle

I have been using it this way for at least a year – probably longer. They hold up really well to abuse and pulling in and out of my cupboard. I can find everything easily and I don’t accidentally buy duplicate spices anymore. Actually, the other day Nick said “We could get you real shelves.” And I actually turned him down because I like it so much I don’t want to change it. Though I think I would like to alphabetize it soon, but I admit, I have an addiction to alphabetizing things! I’m surprised I didn’t do that from the start, to be honest.

How do you upcycle your baby wipes containers? How do you organize your spices? 

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