What We’re Reading – July 8th, 2015

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I’ve decided to switch up the format of this a bit. Mainly because with two kiddos it is much too hard (read: impossible) to keep up with everything that we are reading and to write it down. But we have however switched to a book rotation. So instead of the hundred plus kids’ books that we own being on the shelf at a time, which was too overwhelming both for me and for Dominic, I generally keep about 40 on the shelf at a time. I usually pick some (or all of the, depending on the amount I find) to coincide with what we are learning about. Some are ours and some come from the library.

So, without further ado, here are the books currently on our shelf. Please note that these are Amazon affiliate links and so if you buy the book from that link, I’ll get a tiny amount of the funds. Please feel free to ask me any questions you have about the books!

Books About Water and Boats

Books about Water and Boats

Books about the birth of Jesus

Books about the birth of Jesus

As far as what I’m currently reading, I haven’t cracked into it yet, but I just picked up Alice’s Piano: The Life of Alice Herz-Sommer by Melissa Muller at the library. What are you currently reading and/or what are you currently reading to your kids?

How Enjoying Water Made Me Appreciate the Little Things (ETHANProject)

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Another week, another ETHANProject Post. I have loved how this project has helped me grow, not only as a blogger, but in my personal life as well. It’s pushing me to do things that I’ve thought about doing but haven’t done or things that I might not normally do. One of the best things about this challenge is that it has been getting me outdoors more. I am 100 percent not an outdoorsy person. Today’s challenge is no exception!

This week’s challenge is Enjoy Water!

ETHANProject Challenge Enjoy Water! We got out and had some fun with water balloons! Dominic got some water balloons for his 3rd birthday and I got some more from my sister that she wasn’t using, so I decided they would be perfect for the enjoy water challenge.

Enjoy Water CollageLet me tell you something I learned out of this. Water balloons are hard to tie. Like ridiculously so. I thought for a moment we were going to have to quit before I got even one done because I could not get it tied. Eventually I did, I tied some, but I also just gave some to Dominic to squirt out – which he had just as much fun with, if not more, than the tied ones, because he doesn’t really have the strength to throw them yet in a way that makes it fun. I tried to get him to throw them at me, but he just came over and basically dropped them on my arm, at which point they fell to the ground and then burst. So the squirting was a lot more fun for him.

This made me think though and I came up with a list. These are things which I either didn’t appreciate as a kid or that I under-appreciated and I’ve recognized it now that I have my own kids.

5 Things I Did Not Appreciate Enough As a Kid

1. All the water balloons at church picnics. Guys, someone tied allllllll those water balloons for church picnics. And that is not a small amount of water balloons. And it was probably not easy. That is a labor of love to the kids who are going to go through them in probably less time than it took to tie all of them. Thanks, water balloon tiers.

2. All the times my parents took care of me when I was sick or injured. It is totally exhausting and stressful taking care of a sick kid and I don’t think I fully realized this until now. So thanks mom and dad. Also, sorry about that time I puked in the sink because I always heard you should go to the bathroom if you needed to throw up and I thought that you were supposed to puke in the sink, not the toilet. So sorry you had to clean that up.

3. Helping babies sleep. It can be hard, really hard, and I know my dad used to drive around with me in the car to get me to sleep. Thanks for helping me get the rest I needed to grow.

4. All of my diapers that they changed. And potty training me. Enough said.

5. Just how much they loved me. I’m sorry to say that I took this love for granted. At times, I felt like my parents didn’t love me. And I told them that. And I now know how much that must have hurt them. I’m sorry, really and truly. Being a parent has made me realize just a small portion of the hard choices you have to make that your kid doesn’t like, how hard it is to be patient and loving and kind all the time, and just how deeply you truly love your children. I hope I never take it for granted again.

I realize after writing this that these are pretty big things. But they are and they aren’t at the same time. A lot of these are just things that you do as parents without thinking too much about it because you want what’s best for your kids and for them to be healthy.

Oh and this week happened to line up perfectly with us starting to study W for Water! We had some inside water play today too when it was threatening to storm.

Dominic and Allen with some indoor water play

Week 4 Graphic WATERLast week was Enjoy Flavor and we sure had a lot of fun with it! My favorite post is from Misty at Joy in the Journey when she blogged about Choosing to Enjoy the Flavor.

See you all next week!

Spring Water

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Disclosure: This post may contain advertising links.

I was reading this post on raising locally minded kids (which is a subject for another post – we love our Farmers’ Market and go almost every week) which led me to a post about spring water (that has since become broken – 🙁 )

And I got to thinking about spring water and it reminded me of a memory from when I was a kid. I remember going with some of my friends and their parents to get spring water. I remember my excitement at seeing the spring and how cool I thought it was and I remember the clean, crisp taste of the water. I remember filling the big jugs with this special water.

And then I thought to myself, I would love to take Dominic to do this someday. I have fond memories of going and I think he would enjoy it too (I mean, of course he would, this kid loves water. He is like a little fish.)

So that lead me to findaspring.com and through there I discovered that there is still one public well left in Milwaukee. I almost couldn’t believe it – it was better than I was expecting. I was expecting that we would have to go out of the city to find a spring. But nope, we have one – the Pryor Avenue Iron Well.

So now I’ve got a new item for our “bucket list” – I want to take Dominic to get water from the Pryor Avenue Iron Well. As the name suggests, the water is also supposed to be high in iron, which also  excites me because I have in the past had problems with my iron level, so perhaps this water will help.

What about you? Do you have any experience with or memories of spring water/wells? Would you do it?

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